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This looks amazing, did they abandon it?

it's posted on steam



Very nicely done, will check out the full release.


Honestly I'm pretty smitten with the game, the demo was so intriguing and i honestly can't wait for the rest! Keep up the awesome work. <3

Hi whisperinghollyhock! The full version of The Falconers: Moonlight is now available on Steam.

We're working with the publisher on bringing the visual novel to at the moment. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook to get update on when it will be available. Cheers!

That is awesome!! I'm going to go buy and play it, you guys rock! <3


This game is incredibly well made OMG

I was really blown away by how well the demo was!! I'm very excited for the full release! :) Much luck!


We're glad that you enjoy the preview demo. The full version is almost ready. Looking forward to have you all enjoy the final product. Cheers!


Development Update - February 2017

We're getting close to finish line. The script is completed, localisation is in full force, and yes Steam is fully implement into our visual novel. You can read more about the update on our blog:


This is sooo Beautiful!! I'll be rooting for your release! :3

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Here is the latest update on the development of The Falconers: Moonlight.

  • First route can be read from start to the end.
  • Additional choices and dialogues have been added to the first chapter of the story seen in Preview Demo.
  • GUI has been redesign.
  • We are currently working on branching paths.

Check out our latest blog post on our website for more detail on the update:

are there any new updates? been forever since i checked in

Hi Sandpixie. Thanks for your interests. We have done a whole improvement on the GUI design, character sprites, and a whole route one is completed. There are some arts still being done, and other routes still being working on. There would be a blog update on the progress soon. Cheers! :D

awesome!! so is it included in a demo update or is it all in the final project

It is for the final product. But along the way when all the demo part that have been changed are finalized, it is possible to make a snip and turn it into another version of demo. However, due to a very tight schedule we have, it's might ended up come out after the final product itself.

I love this game so much! Great graphics and a great game too! <3

I like this Demo it has good art, and you even have a menu to turn down the sound and make the settings you want. I also like the text bar since you can't see it and the texts look like HD, and it's not blurry like I see in a lot of novella games. The music is lovely I just don't like to have it too high, and I like there is sound effect in the game too. The only real problem I had with this game is I feel like it a little too hard to read for people like me that are not that good at English, but besides that I would say this is an excellent game.

And the final video for the demo. This ending makes me want the full game all the more sooner. Can't wait for it to come out!

When is the full game gonna have its release? And is it going to be available on Steam? :3

Hi kyuurika. We plan to releases the full version early 2017, and yes we will push The Falconers: Moonlight to Steam Greenlight soon.

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We are now on Steam Greenlight.

I voted on your game! <3

Thank you kindly.

Did a playthrough of the demo for our channel! Loved the story and everything and can't wait for the full game. Here is part one!

Hi AreYouGaming. Thanks for making a commertary let's play of The Falconers: Moonlight. I'm glad that you enjoy the Preview Demo.

oh my gosh this looks amazing!!!

Good luck you guys! I'm looking forward to the end product!


dis game looks dope af